Hi, I’m JP.

I like to build and experiment. Currently building Session.

Previously, I’ve built walking robots, co-founded Snapjoy, designed photos experiences at Facebook, and co-created ClassDojo's communications platform.

Still a beginner, working on it.


Since 2018, I've been exploring ideas focused on the future of work. This is a uniquely exciting time as we are inventing new conceptual models of what constitutes work and jobs. The unbundling, disintermediating, and friction-reducing effects of these innovations will have a profound impact on every person, business, and economy.

From late 2014 to 2017, I was employee #13 at ClassDojo, an education technology startup in San Francisco. With a small team, we built something millions of teachers and parents depend on every day. I got to design products that helped 10x our DAU's, lead our design team, and help grow our product and engineering teams.

Before that, I designed products at Facebook on the Photos team, back when we were just 20 people. There I got an education in growth, experimentation, and designing products at scale. We ran a boatload of experiments and shipped products that changed how a billion people share and consume media. During my 2 years there, Facebook quadrupled in size and felt like a new place when I left.

In 2011, I co-founded Snapjoy, where we built an auto-organizing online photo library. We attended Y Combinator and met many amazing people who supported and inspired us. Two years in, our product didn't take off quickly enough and we were acquired by Dropbox. It was a gut punch that kicked off my learning journey. Snapjoy isn't around anymore, but our ideas live on in many other places today.


I'm based Pittsburgh, PA and would love to meet you.